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About Us

Message from president

We believe that chemical reactions in this 21st centry should be carried out by the new flow method using the highly efficient Microreactor System, and not by the traditional batch reactor system.

MiChS is a venture company based on the latest micromachining technology, developing easy-to-handle microreactor devices for chemical research.We are developing an original Microreactor System and devices with the belief that the environmentally benign and energy saving flow-microreactor will be a real tool in the next generation

Since MiChS has its base on a collaboration between Osaka Prefecture University and the local community, MiChS is expected to provide prominent products as a result of the cooperation

We look forward to receiving your support and cooperation.


Company Outline

Company Name MiChS CO.,LTD.
Address 4-1-3 Kamiocho,Yao,Osaka 581-0851,JAPAN
Establishment April 2007
President Takahide Fukuyama
Business contents ・Development, production, and marketing of the Microreactor System and devices
・Consulting business related to chemical synthesis, chemical reactors, and their systems

The company's name "MiChS" comes from

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An image of mixing performance of the Micro Chemicals System.
The green color represents "Green Chemistry".