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Messages from MiChS

In 21st century, flow chemical prodction is a main stream.

In the 21st century chemical plants are expected to change to be safe and compact reactors with continuous flow.
In 2007 a company MiChS Co., Ltd. was launched for the purpose of contributing to flow chemistry.

History of MiChS started in 2007 with an origibal static micromixer.

The history of MiChS began with the development of a β-type micromixer with high mixing ability with low pressure drop.
We then developed a packaged mass flow controller system, which is useful for flow-type gas-liquid reaction under pressures. To facilitate automated flow synthesis we developed automated flow reactor sytem X-1.
We also have our originally desigend fow type photoreaction reactor L-1, assembled with a quartz glass plate with a caved metal channel and original LED light sources.

More recently, we have also succeeded in developing a column-type flow reactor loaded with a highly active immobilized acid catalyst, HO-SAS. We are also working on in-line tracking of reaction by NMR and the use of 3D printer for reactor design.

New business focusing on original flow chemical plant.

From 2016, MiChS's business has entered the second stage. We are actively developing new businesses with a view to building a full-scale flow chemical plant. The newly established MiChS Laboratory is actively engaged in the design and verification of compact flow chemical manufacturing plants.

Because chemical manufacturing handles a wide variety of chemical reactions, our strong track record in organic synthesis and the research results in cutting-edge flow research are the powerful two wheels of MiChS.We believe that a creative flow chemistry plant filled with our unique ideas will launch from this Laboratory and will spread to our society as "compact green chemical manufacturing". change the appearance of chemical manufacturing with unique ideas, advanced technology, and dedicated power together with MiChS.