Publications using products from MiChS

Journal of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan Vol. 70 (2012) No. 9 p. 896-907

Role of Flow Microreactors for Pharmaceutical Production: Screening of Reaction Conditions and Sample Preparation


A key material for synthesizing natural product was prepared in gram-scale by radical cyclization using the Micro-flow System

Spurring Radical Reactions of Organic Halides with Tin Hydride and TTMSS Using Microreactors, Fukuyama, T.; Kobayashi, M.; Rahman, M. T.; Kamata, N.; Ryu, I. Org. Lett. 2008, 10, 533.

An inhibitor of a protein breakdown enzyme was prepared in a hundred gram-scale by Sonogashira Coupling reaction using the Miro-flow System

An Automated-Flow Microreactor System for Quick Optimization and Production: Application to 10- and 100-gram Order Productions of a Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitor Using a Sonogashira Coupling Reaction, Sugimoto, A.; Fukuyama, T.; Rahman, M. T.; Ryu, I. Tetrahedron Lett. 2009, 50, 6364.